Welcome from the Principal

On behalf of the school community I would like to welcome you to St Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s will provide a child safe environment where all children have the right to be treated with respect and will be protected from harm.

St Joseph’s School is a Catholic Parish Primary School priding itself on a friendly and supportive environment which has a unique sense of community where parents, staff and students value and respect each other. The core values of faith, tradition, community, compassion, challenge and education are our central focus.

St Joseph’s School offers a quality and balanced curriculum providing learning opportunities for each child to develop his/her potential in a caring and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning and are provided with many opportunities to develop leadership skills.

At St Joseph’s, we believe that a successful education program is determined by the quality of the relationships between children, parents and teachers. Parents are encouraged to be involved as much as possible in school activities with many being very generous with their time and energy and contributions to the life of the school.

A friendly, co-operative relationship exists between staff, parents and students. Families from different backgrounds choose to send their children to St Joseph’s because of this.

St Joseph’s has an experienced and enthusiastic staff who work well as a team and who are committed to providing a faith education for the students. Staff are dedicated to the school and are very compassionate and caring when dealing with students and parents. With a small student population, staff members are able to develop positive interpersonal relationship with all students and parents. We are very proud of the close relationships we have developed among ourselves and with our students and their parents.

Being Principal at St Joseph’s is a privilege, brings me much joy and many opportunities for learning and developing relationships.

I invite you to further explore our Website

Peter Teggelove – Principal