Principal Message

Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary School Rochester.

We are a warm, vibrant and supportive school community living in the traditions of St Joseph and St Brigid. 

St Joseph’s is a proud Catholic Community united in faith and committed in action, to live, learn and grow in God’s love. We strive to be a community where students develop a meaningful relationship with God that inspires social justice and compassion. St Joseph’s School has strong connections with the parish community embracing the spirit of St Joseph, being open to all in the community to address the varying needs of all in order to improve outcomes.

We are a learning focused school where as individuals and as a whole school community we strive for continuous growth with an emphasis on improving learning outcomes. All teachers and staff at St Joseph’s take collective responsibility to make sure all children progress in their learning by providing authentic learning experiences and celebrating student success.

Following in the footsteps of St Brigid who was wonderfully attuned to the seasons and cycles of nature, valuing the elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water. St Joseph’s strives to be a community where students take on the responsibility to care for and sustain our natural environment.

In partnership with families, we support and encourage our students to achieve excellent individual learning and wellbeing outcomes. Parents are considered an integral part in their child’s education and are invited and, at times, expected to join in various activities including joint social parish and school community activities, volunteering in fundraising, school services, liturgies, assemblies and formation evenings.

At St Joseph’s we are committed to nurturing respectful relationships and active partnerships with you as parents and carers. We believe that our students’ learning journeys are enriched through positive and reciprocal home and school relationships. We acknowledge that parents and carers act as one of the most influential role models in their child’s life. We seek your support in promoting and upholding the core values of the school community and its culture of respectful relationships.

It is a privilege to work with families and be a part of a child’s learning journey. The staff and I look forward to sharing our school with you.

I encourage you to come for a visit and experience St Joseph’s Primary School in action. Feel free to phone the school or just call in!

We’ve got lots to do in 2022!

Liz Trewick