Principal Message


I would like to take this opportunity to express just how honoured I am to be taking on the role of Principal for the school year.  I am following some very big footsteps and I know there will be challenges but there will also be great accomplishments along the way.  I am delighted that my first appointment of Principal is at St Joseph’s – a place which I am extremely  proud of and dedicated to.

I have been part of this school community since 2008; as a classroom teacher, a specialist teacher, Little Joey’s teacher and Deputy Principal (twice!).  I am determined to ensure our school continues to build on developing students skills in each area of our school values;  Confident – take risks and believe, Collaborative – build on one another’s strengths, Inclusive – welcome and respect all, Compassionate – consider others and Courageous – think big and be brave. Our teachers will continue to provide quality education, opportunities and experiences for your children.

I strongly believe that schools need parents/carers and staff to work collaboratively through open dialogue and interactions (Covid safe) to ensure that your child is accessing the curriculum, consolidating social skills and navigating school life.  We are all here for the same reason; the children.

The Brigidine motto, Fortiter et Suaviter challenges our students to be “people of strength, people of gentleness.” Guided by this motto, St Joseph’s supports the spiritual journey of students within the context of the Catholic faith and practice.  Students are inspired to act with strength and gentleness and live out the Gospel values to make a difference in our school, the community and as a global citizen.

Furthermore, the expectations for those in the whole St Joseph’s community (staff, students, parents and visitors) are to be; SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE.  We encourage these lifelong skills to ensure our community thinks about their behaviour and the effects for others.  

As we embark on a new year, I am looking forward to embracing the adventure that is 2021.


With strength and gentleness,


Jessica Carmichael